Restaurant Review: Cafe Causette’s Lobster & Bubbles Menu, Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

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Last week I had the privilege of being invited by Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong to try out their brand new “Lobster & Bubbles” Menu at their famous Cafe Causette. I love the taste of anything lobster, so of course I obliged. The other special thing about this media event was it was my first Hong Kong foodie night!

My First Hong Kong Foodies Event

I had the pleasure of meeting some of Hong Kong’s foodies like Sassy Hong Kong, Nini from FoodcraverHK, Ale from DimsumDiaries and Gary (who’s actually an IT guy in real life like me).


Together we enjoyed catching up on a warm Wednesday night, sampling the new Lobster and Bubbles menu. If you love lobster, you definitely have to book a couple of hours at Cafe Causette and try this wide assortment of lobster treats! In summary, it totally fulfilled any type of lobster craving for at least a few weeks.

My top favorite dishes from the new Lobster and Bubbles menu at Cafe Causette were:

  1. Lobster Taco: a light fresh starter to get the senses warmed up
  2. Lobster Linguini: saffron, tomato and parsley bolognaise with lobster made a tantalizing combo
  3. Thermidor & Fries: the caramlised lobster with fries was a down-to-earth hearty dish

You can download the Cafe Causette Lobster & Bubbles Menu here.

Here are some photos showcasing the lobsterlicious dishes and the lobster-free desserts!


This was the “bubbles” component to the meal!


IMG_4230-2  IMG_4223-2

As mentioned above, these Lobster Tacos were my favorite. Never thought I’d ever be eating lobster in this way. IMG_4247-2

Lobster tempura. IMG_4245-2

Classic lobster cocktail.IMG_4242-2

Thermidor & Fries – another one of my favorite dishes. It took me back to my days growing up on Fish ‘n’ Chips in Melbourne’s western suburbs.IMG_4257-2

Lobster Mac ‘n’ Cheese – Americans would love this!IMG_4272-2

Lobster galore!IMG_4267-2

The things this Lobster Bolognaise did inside my mouth! Delicious.IMG_4274-2

Lobster with a Asian spin – Lobster Wonton soup. IMG_4275-2

Lobster Dog! Loved the caramelized onions in this dish.


Here’s Gary doing what he does best.IMG_4266-2

This Apple Crumble was like the knockout punch for me after all the lobster and bubbles. Wonderful way to end the night.


This cheesecake was the best I’ve tasted in Hong Kong to date – it was not overly sweet and it had such as thick texture.



Here’s Ale from DimsumDiaries showing us all how she captures food in lowlight conditions : with her iPhone acting as her flash! :)


Lastly, some photos of Cafe Causette, Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong:




Thank you Aqua and Edwina for organising this awesome #MOFoodies Cafe Causette Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong event. I know I speak on behalf of the gang when I say we all had a superb time and look forward to catching up again!

Here’s the link to Cafe Causette:

Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong,
5 Connaught Road
Central, Hong Kong
Phone: 852-2522-0111


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